our research in THE CONTEXT OF artistic

I usually don't separate research areas, and prefer integrative approaches, and systemic view. To facilitate communication and sharing, in addition to artistic research, several experimental research projects are implicated:


Technical applied research for the creation of a mobile fridge, with the following specifications: the fridge must be mobile, zero carbon, it will be eco-designed, and its design must encourage encounters with the public. It must be able to carry a camera with a fish-eye lens, and take measurements of outdoor temperature and humidity. It should be small enough to be taken on board any means of public transport.


Cultural research on the mediation of the role of the cryosphere in the planetary ecosystem, the impact of human activities on it, and what can be done on a daily basis to limit its gradual disappearance. We are going to explore our links with ice, and have a look on the interactions between health and cryosphère.


Scientific research on the further development of an ecosystemic evaluation method for works-projects. The carbon impact of the project will be monitored and updated during the project and can be monitored. The goal for the project as a whole is to be low carbon, so this goal will guide the implementation of the project.


Social research on the role of participatory artistic projects in improving the well-being of young people in the face of the emotions and questions caused by the chronic destruction of the planetary ecosystem. A workshop will also study the potential of these projects to open up avenues for participants to realize their potential and act.