An articstic project


The cryosphere is now threatened by global warming.

The cryosphere and the polar ocean influence the climate, ecosystems and social systems of these regions but also of the whole planet. The Arctic is a local territory where global issues are at stake. Sea ice plays a major role in climate regulation.
Sentinel of climate change, "the green arctic" is a paradox, the symbol of accelerated global warming that threatens all planetary balances.
Green is the color of disaster.
With or without ice in the Arctic, that changes everything in Saint-Malo and everywhere else.
What we do in Saint-Malo or elsewhere changes the Arctic.
Action, retroaction, interdependence, uncertainties, and emergencies are some of the mechanisms at work.
Through the global ocean and the climate, Saint-Malo is, like all the coasts, a local territory that has to deal with climate change.

For a good use  of ice, what can we do today?


With or Without Ice? invites through artistic experience to understand the services rendered by the cryosphere, staging an emergency rescue of the sea ice in the arctic as a context for creation, questioning, critical observation of our modes of operation, and invites a paradigm of thought. It questions our functioning in an offbeat way, in particular our inability to act other than urgently in the face of global warming, an emergency that justifies the deployment of technological means, heroes, and sensational news. In conjunction with this staging, the project is a space for encounters between young people, to give them a space to share local or personal experiences, for education on the role of the cryosphere in the terrestrial ecosystem and climate regulation, for the expression of emotions linked to the state of the planet, of participation enabling fulfilling avenues to young participants and to act in a changing world, in Saint-Malo, Gdansk, Klaipeda, Riga, Talinn, Oulu, and Longyearbyen. This project is therefore co-constructed with the contributions of the young participants.

With or Without Ice? is a work-project, a real space-time of experimentation, creation, research, learning and innovation, an open and participative utopian space to think, meet, experiment and change the world. It aims to transform art and culture in favor of the climate and resilience, it proposes a new form of committed art, and renews the place of the artist in the contemporary world.