cREW & partners

Project direction

Marielle Guille, Artist, independant researcher and autor


Artist, independent researcher and author of the project, ensures the direction and the implementation, as well as all the participations, towards the emergence of the works and their realization.

Creation partners in Brittany and in the Svalbard archipelago

Project participants

Artists, scientifics and other project leaders

Erik Reinhard

Distinguish Researcher

Color Sciences

Pierre-Yves Glorennec

project's holder

Avel Marine

Emmanuelle Sultan


National Museum of Natural Histories Dinard

Corto Fajal

Autor and realisator


Elise Garrault

Hello Nouvelle Vague


& Fresque Océane animator


Young participants

Erell Portier, high school girl in Tinténiac

Jade Planté, high school girl in Dinan


Bethsabée Levin

Art History and heritage student, Rennes University, musician and podcast autor

Loan Josse

Civic service

in Intercultura


Esther Leray

Young designer

and Civic Service in Maria Montessori's School Rennes

Ruben Ledoux-Levin

Young painter

and mechanical enthusiast

Student association Cop'Trotter by eme

Président : Manon Combes

Vice-président : Camille Labous

COP Trotter is engaged to the fight against global warming, through the organization of debates, awareness-raising events, ecological monitoring work (News Trotter) and participation in various social movements such as marches for the climate. The association carries out journalistic work in COPS, and represents youth and higher education in this international place of decision-making. Cop'Trotter has agreed to get involved in the "Avec ou Sans Glace" project, to manager the mobilization of students in participatory artistic performance, which is experimenting with a way of acting by crossing the approach of students engineers and art.

Association Avel Marine

Responsable : Pierre-Yves Glorennec


We are co-testing a low carbon compressed air motor solution.

Avel Marine wishes to develop a compressed air engine solution for its boats and the development of low-carbon eco-cabotage in Brittany. During the production of energy by this type of engine, cold is also produced, and that is exactly what interests us for our project. We are therefore testing the production of cold by a compressed air motor for the conservation of our ice cubes during travelling.

Mission locale du Pays de Saint-Malo

Chargée de projets : Tiphaine Ravary


With the local mission, and young people from Saint-Malo, we work on the effect of climate change and loss of natural ecosystems on emotions. How find a way to stay open to the learning process even in a context of eco-anxiety? How to cope with it ? How find a way to take part in society, live, be in present ? How accept emotions caused by climate change, and intimate upheavals that this generates ?

Through the artistic project, on the local territory and in creative link with this one and with the others, we find a space to experiment stories which could make it possible to initiate and accompany changes and release the capacity to act.

Association Intercultura

Responsables de projets Intercultura : Fabrice Le Floch & François Guyot

Service Civique : Loan Josse

The European dimension of the project is supported by young people from the Intercultura association. The experimental situation, in line with the association's popular education practices, allows this team of young people to be actors in the project, to find a space for creation, testing, production, and development.

'learning by doing.

Accompanied by Fabrice and Marielle, they carry the organization of the expedition in a logic of meeting with other young Europeans.

L'Ecole de l'Exploration

Créatrice : Marie Dautzenberg

Co-organisatrice : Alice Vitoux

L'école de l'exploration is a community of learning, research and action, dedicated to the ocean, using thematic meetings and involving the cooperation of various approaches and viewpoints of scientists, sailors, artists, explorers, associations, entrepreneurs, innovators of the marine environment.

My participation in these moments of exchange and co-learning constitutes a real stimulating bath. Over the course of the encounters, through the interplay of fertile interactions that I live there and nourish my thinking, the school of Exploration contributes to the project "With or without ice".

The Arctic Circle Art & Science residency program

Director : Aaron T. O'Connor

The Arctic Circle is a residency program that brings together artists, scientists and educators to work together aboard a traditional tall ship in the reality of the High Arctic. As member of the crew I will explore and experiment, involving on-board collaborationThis interview with Aaron T. O'Connor, expedition director, describes the spirit of this expedition-residence:interview

Spisbergen Artists Center Residency

Director : Elisabeth Bourne

The residency is located at 78°12.2' N 015°35.3'E, at Lonyearbyen in the High Arctic.

The goal of the center is to foster the connection of artists from different countries, disciplines, and media with the reality of the high arctic. Svalbard is where climate change happen first. The center believe that "Art can help to increase awareness of what is happening to our shared planet and hopefully, (that) together we can be agents for change". They ask to artists coming in residency the folowing :

"Open your eyes. See what is around you. Share with others."