Our expedition for a good use of PACK ICE


What do we know about sea ice, except that in Hédé-Bazouges, Saint-Malo or Rennes, it is vital to our climate. What do we know about ice? Some take it with their whiskey or their soda while others don't, we take it out of our freezer. It sometimes forms in our badly defrosted fridge, consuming extra energy. The fishmonger keeps his fish in it. We slide on our artificial ice rinks, and more and more rarely on an agricultural bag on a frozen slope. I know nothing of the relationship to ice of people who live with it in their natural environment, nothing of lake, river, or sea ice, of the ice of glaciers, nothing of the frozen lands of permafrost, or the ice of comets, but I feel its disappearance at work.


Can the encounter with the Arctic rid the artist of her initial intention in a techno-scientific setting, deliberately distancing the emotions linked to the perception of a loss of inestimable value: that of the cryosphere? How will the reception of the emotions of the ice shape the creation? Wouldn't eco-anxiety be a necessary experiment allowing responsible engagement in terms of thought, word and action, as Véronique Lapaige proposes? Can the reception and sharing of these emotions through creation accompany individual and societal changes?


With this pilot-expedition as a context for questioning, discovery, learning, and for encounters and creations, it is a question of experimenting with another relationship between human beings and the cryosphere, between human beings and nature, considering our eco-anxiety as essential to the reinvention of the world, and the sea ice as an "emotional" place, essential to life.


This pilot expedition includes several periods of travel-residence in the European Arctic.


Preparation in the Pays de Saint-Malo in Brittany / France

Expeditions are invented and prepared locally, in a small corner of Brittany, the Pays de Saint-Malo. The story begins there, in the encounter with its inhabitants. So the artist shares his dreams, we dream together with open eyes... meet our first obstacles, doubt, resume,... This work is an important opportunity to address issues of eco-anxiety with young people.

The expedition project is envisaged as a space-time of research, learning, reflection, sharing, transmission. The artist is in dialogue with other experimenters (scientists and creators), and the other international members of the art & science residency crew. These exchanges nourish the work carried out with young people.


1st residence / Arctic Glacial Ocean / On board the Jan van Gent

June 2023, with the midnight sun.


2nd residency / Svalbard / Spitsbergen Kunstnerhybler Artist Residency

November 2023, in the arctic night. and a traveling exploratory trip to Alta.