Our expedition for a good use of PACK ICE


The project is an artistic performance-expedition from Saint-Malo to the arctic ocean. This involves recovering, storing and transporting ice cubes at low carbon from Brittany to the northern pack ice, and depositing them there !
For this, we are going to develop a low-carbon mobile fridge.

On the pack ice, we will then conduct a series of experiments that will test the effectiveness of our pack ice survival blanket, our gas recovery method, the performance of the oceanic current booster, our sea water re-salination method.

These experiments will be carried out in accordance with our test protocols, documented, photographed, numerical data will be collected, analyzed, interpreted.


"For the proper use of the pack ice, it is advisable to recover the ice cubes that have not been consumed, you can also send your leftover salt, your used aluminum foil, your coffee capsules, your survival blankets, or any reflective material, balloons for birthdays, parties and ceremonies. We also transform your old umbrellas, and any fan.

We are looking for volunteers to compensate, implement the underwater ventilation systems to regulate the North Atlantic current, participate in albedo preservation; recover permafrost gases before they are released into the atmosphere. A good physical condition is required, an unfailing civic sense, and exceptional technical, scientific, creative and human skills are essential."

Marielle Guille